Lidl, one of the leading supermarket chain in Europe, operates one of the largest procurement office in Hong Kong. The company has multiple teams of merchandisers and coordinators in Hong Kong and Singapore to handle different aspect of the procurement process, which has traditionally been a process mainly handled using Excel and email. Digital transoformation has been a key interest to streamline the process and integrate with the corporate system. The primary objectives has been to:

  • Migrate the whole procurement and development preparation workflow.
  • Reduce manual process by pulling data required by the process from upstream systems.
  • Implement a system to digitalize the process for performance improvement
  • Gather all data involved in the process into a BI tool for analysis

Our team was tasked to partake in the development of the system that was developed using Laravel framework and ReactJs. We worked closely with the client’s Project Manager and SME to define the requirements. Numerous workshops have been conducted to understand the process and output of the process. We have also work closely with the client’s IT team to understand the technical requirements. A couple of technical studies was done to find out solutions of integrating upstream systems, which involved studying of data sources and the API input / output of the client’s ERP. The client also specified very detail UI/UX requirement from observing their style guide to using designated component library from Figma and Storybook plugin. We have also jointed the client’s IT team’s weekly catch up meeting and report out status in JIRA.


The client gave us 6 months to deliver the first phase which align with the roll out plan of their new ERP. The team implemented the backend using Laravel Framework and ReactJS. The team managed to meet the deadline and deliver the first phase of the system on time and launched the system portion for the business teams. The system for another business team was also launched following the successful roll out of the initial system. Over 50 merchandisers, QA control staffs and coordinators in both Hong Kong and Singapore onboarded the system. Comprehensive documentations from design documents, source files and technical notes was handed over to the client’s IT. We also assists the client to set up an operation workflow to support technical issues reported by the client using JIRA.