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OUE Restaurant Group Brought Its Lifestyle Concepts and Visions to Online

OUE Restaurants conceptualises and operates a wide spectrum of dining and lifestyle concepts across 8 different brands in Singapore and Asia, that are aimed at creating genuine and exceptional dining experiences guests love. As a company that was ready to grow their portfolio of restaurants and bars across Asia, they needed an aesthetic website that can convey their philosophy and provide key information about their Brands and Concepts.


MONI worked with the OUE on a consultative approach for their website design, and covered the entire process from wireframing, content structure planning, and finally a design concept phase to bring OUE’s lifestyle concepts to life online. The site structure was properly planned for content scalability for OUE’s future expansion needs. The design was carefully curated to bring out the philosophy of OUE ‘s brand, as well as its individual restaurants.

The restaurants under OUE have different types of reservation systems. MONI team helped integrate the various reservation widgets onto the site to ensure seamless booking experience for visitors.