Zyxel Networks

Zyxel, a leading provider of end-to-end networking solutions, operates in 150 markets with over 100 million devices worldwide. Recently, the company underwent a reorganization and sought to revamp its online presence for the Business Solutions division across 29 countries with support for 25 languages. Additionally, they intended to introduce eCommerce capabilities that would gradually be implemented across all markets. The primary objectives for the new website were as follows:

  • Streamline the management of multiple language websites
  • Centralize all websites under a unified content management system
  • Implement progressive eCommerce functionality
  • Offer enhanced features and functionalities
  • Seamlessly integrate with Zyxel's existing internal systems and platforms
  • Facilitate the deployment of new country-specific websites to support Zyxel's future growth aspirations.

Collaborating closely with Zyxel teams across various markets, we conducted a series of strategic workshops to examine specific project aspects. These workshops encompassed a wide range of topics, including individual country requirements, integration with Amazon warehouses and third-party logistics providers, infrastructure recommendations, data migration, and translation workflows. In addition, we conducted thorough audits and reviews of Zyxel's existing websites and Amazon stores, identifying pain points and future aspirations that guided the project roadmap.

Drawing from our comprehensive understanding of the intricate migration process, integration needs, and leveraging our expertise in cohesive user experience and creative solutions, we tailored a customized resolution for Zyxel that effectively addresses the complexities of their corporate site and eCommerce requirements.


In order to establish a unified and worldwide approach for the business, our team dedicated their efforts to providing Zyxel customers with a seamless user experience. Through our technical solution, Zyxel is empowered to expand effortlessly and offer their global audience innovative solutions, enriched features and functionalities, as well as new eCommerce capabilities.

Throughout the migration process, we successfully transferred over 40,000 content items, 9,000 Library items, and 192 product types. This transition allowed our client to move away from a fragmented, inconsistent, and challenging-to-maintain multi-website ecosystem, and instead, embrace a streamlined, scalable, and revitalized experience for both customers and business users across all 29 countries.