Sky Premium

Sky Premium, a global exclusive privilege services club, partnered with Monimedia to deliver a revamped online shopping experience for their world-class customers.

Sky Premium needed a new website that exuded exclusivity and luxury, while also acted as a robust database of exclusive partner privileges, as well as a marketplace for partner products and/or services. Furthermore, mobile responsiveness was essential to provide paralleled online experiences for travellers.

Monimedia leveraged the Magento 2.0 framework and implemented a customised loyalty and points program, supported integration with multiple third-party systems including payment gateways and native mobile applications. Furthermore Monimedia provided excellent user experience design to provide customers with best-in-class online shopping experiences. The platform is launched in Singapore. As a result of the new online platform, Sky Premium has seen an increase in returning customers, an increase in number of transactions and growth in the number of newly registered customers.

Project Name
Sky Premium Exclusive Privileges Website
Competition & Market Research
Customer Journey Design
Customer Persona Design
Customer Research & Analysis
Graphical Interface Design
Responsive Design
Usability Design
Visual Design
Wireframe & Workflow Design
Content Management System
Digital Experience Strategy
Mobile Experience Strategy
System Integration, Micro-Services & APIs
Testing and QA
Training & Support
UI & UX Design
Commerce UI & UX Design
Digital Commerce Strategy
Payment Solutions & Integration
Platform & Data Migration
Platform Customisation
Platform Development
Project Planning & Specifications
Technical Support & Maintenance
Third-Party System Integration