Silverlit going direct to customers and extends its revenue stream through new online store.

A global toy manufacturer with over 40 years of history, Silverlit has an extensive portfolio of toys with a focus on fun, innovation and safety for children around the world. The headquarter in Hong Kong decided as part of their direct to consumer strategy, they want to build an eCommerce site to reach end consumers and extends the company’s revenue stream.


The MONI team built Silverlit’s eCommerce site on Magento 2 in two languages. It showcases multi-brand and ranges of toys, giving customers the option to shop by the children’s age and price. The site was structured to cater to a consumer journey mapping to allow a seamless experience for visitors to browse and select products for purchase.

Toy Finder

The eCommerce site was optimized for a seamless shopping experience. The Toy Finder function allows customers to view toys based on their children’s age and price points. Extensive filter options were also enabled to allow customers to more easily find the ideal toy.

User Experience Design

The interface was created with global audiences and shoppers in mind, and with the industry UX best practices that delivers seamless experiences across all devices and screen sizes.


It took as short as six months’ time to create a scalable and robust eCommerce site for Silverlit, from initial requirements gathering and planning to development and integration to the final launch.

Not only has the site boosted online sales significantly, it also greatly enhanced the awareness and engagement for its customers worldwide.