MONI helped modernize the traditional power tool brand Makita Singapore through activating their social media and connecting with direct consumers.

Makita is one of the global leading manufacturers of power tools founded in 1915 in Japan. They were accustomed to traditional print communications with old styles of visuals and contents. Working with a dealership business model also makes it difficult for the brand to directly connect with end consumer and control its brand equity across channels. 


To modernize the brand image and improve brand equity, Makita Singapore has selected MONI to activate their social media with a fresh direction to directly connect with consumers.  

A 360 social media campaign was created, including weekly wall contents and targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Implementing the 3-phase strategy, to grow fan base, to engage and lastly convert by directing interested customers to fill in website enquiries and visit their showrooms. Visuals and contents are made lifestyle and easy to digest, and high engagement posts were created including wall games and giveaways.


Resulting from the social media activation, the Facebook page had a 244% fans growth in 6 months. As well as a whopping high 5.3% engagement rate versus the industry benchmark of 1%. A viral post that MONI has created had resulted in +1525% more organic reach. All in all, Makita Singapore was able to receive higher number of enquiries, and captured more of their existing customers onto their social media pages to keep nurturing.