Li & Fung

Li & Fung is reinventing the supply chain with MONI as their partner of choice to support their digital transformation journey and the rollout of LF Digital Platform.

The global leader of supply chain management solutions and services is creating the supply chain of the future, to help their customers navigate the digital economy and to improve the lives of one billion people along the supply chain. Li & Fung’s vision aims to fully digitalize each step of the supply chain processes with the LF Digital Platform to build a more enhanced collaborative environment powered by predictive data analytics engine and capabilities. 

As part of their digital transformation journey and initiatives, Li & Fung appointed MONI as strategic partner to support their change management program. Working closely with various internal teams, including the IT services, product development and corporate communication, MONI provided management consulting, digital, creative and marketing services to promote LF Digital Platform capabilities and benefits to both internal and external stakeholders.  

Through consistent and regular communication program, that was delivered across multiple channels, MONI designed a comprehensive communication framework and delivered a wide range of marketing collaterals including brand guidelines, corporate videos, newsletter snapshots, sales and training presentations, printed brochures, interactive demo and on-going intranet management. These programs and initiatives significantly helped Li & Fung with their digital transformation journey by increasing awareness and value perception internally and improving platform and client adoption. 

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Li & Fung
Digital Transformation Consulting
Content Creation & Production
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