Jack Wills

Jack Wills, a British-based clothing brand, partnered with Monimedia to drive the brand’s online expansion throughout the Asia-Pacific with a new online store.

Using the Magento framework, Monimedia developed a brand new online store for Jack Wills featuring over 10,000 products. The site targeted 5 regions and was developed in 5 different languages. To offer a truly localised experience, each region’s site was tailored to its respective currency, price points, social networking and more. 

Monimedia furthermore supported Jack Wills on its active online marketing and content update as a part of the overall digital experience. This involved optimization for search engines, seasonal promotions, unique campaigns, social media management and more to increase the brand’s customer engagement. After the launch, Jack Wills had a very successful year in Asia and continued to expand its business in the region.

Project Name
Jack Wills E-Commerce Site
Commerce UI & UX Design
Digital Commerce Strategy
Managed Hosting
Payment Solutions & Integration
Platform & Data Migration
Platform Customisation
Platform Development
Project Planning & Specifications
Technical Support & Maintenance
Third-Party System Integration
Customer Journey Design
Customer Persona Design
Customer Research & Analysis
Graphical Interface Design
Interactive Design
Responsive Design
Usability Design
Visual Design
Wireframe & Workflow Design
Digital Experience Strategy
Mobile Experience Strategy
System Integration, Micro-Services & APIs
Testing and QA
Training & Support
UI & UX Design
Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning
Social Media Channels Management
Report & Analytics & Optimisation
Content Marketing Strategy & Planning
Creative Campaign & Execution
Hong Kong