Champion System

Streamline Supply Chain Processes and Enhance Online Customer Journey of Champion System with UX/ UI

Champion System, an international leader in manufacturing custom-made professional sports apparel, appointed MONI to streamline their supply chain processes and to enhance their customers’ experience. Champion System specialises in producing customised orders in small quantities or single units. To cope with their business nature and strong growth, the existing online ordering platform needed a revamp.

MONI’s involvements helped to simplify the design and manufacturing supply chain processes to mitigate inefficiencies. Through enhancing their online ordering platform experience, it enabled Champion System to deliver a truly personalised and intuitive customer experience that reflects the brand’s identity. Using an agile approach, MONI strategists and designers conducted market research, user journey mapping, UX/UI interface prototype design, and architecture plan requirements.

The new ordering platform journey was enhanced with user-focused features, such as a collaborative commenting and feedback system, allowing customers to easily make changes and collaborate with their in-house designers. A revision system for customers was put in place to allow tracing back of all previous designs and revisions.

Started as being just an ordering tool, the online ordering platform was transformed into being Champion System’s core touchpoint that delivers top-notched personalised customer experience.

Project Name
Champion System
Customer Journey Design
Graphical Interface Design
Visual Design
Wireframe & Workflow Design
Digital Experience Strategy
Digital Transformation Strategy
Mobile Experience Strategy
UI & UX Design