Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein selected Monimedia to develop a vision for the Store of the Future and implement this vision through a series of digital and innovative luxury shopping experiences throughout their Asia-wide store rollout.

Calvin Klein sought to transform the way its customers shopped online and in-store by leveraging technology to provide a more personalised and consistent shopping experience across multiple channels. By elevating the customer shopping experience, Calvin Klein aimed to increase sales, improve customer engagement and strengthen its position as a leading fashion retail brand.

Monimedia improved Calvin Klein's overall retail experience in Asia from an operational, marketing and customer experience standpoint. Using Magento 2.0, Monimedia developed a unified commerce platform to consolidate platforms, inventory, warehouses and more. Furthermore, Monimedia heightened the customer's experience with Calvin Klein across multiple channels, allowing customers to seamlessly shop and interact with the brand, both offline and online.

Project Name
Calvin Klein Store of the Future
Digital Transformation Consulting
Digital Transformation Strategy
Customer Experience Strategy
Customer Research & Insights
Innovation Strategy
Commerce UI & UX Design
Digital Commerce Strategy
Managed Hosting
Omnichannel Strategy
Platform & Data Migration
Platform Customisation
Platform Development
Project Planning & Specifications
Technical Support & Maintenance
Third-Party System Integration
Customer Journey Design
Customer Persona Design
Customer Research & Analysis
Graphical Interface Design
Interactive Design
Responsive Design
Usability Design
Visual Design
Wireframe & Workflow Design
Content Management System
Digital Experience Strategy
Interactive Applications & Systems
Mobile App Development
Mobile Experience Strategy
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