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MONI resolved Brotzeit’s headache in training restaurant staffs with e-learning online portal.

German restaurant chain Brotzeit based in Singapore has franchised restaurants in 11 markets in the Asia-Pacific region, including Hong Kong, China, Australia, Vietnam. They encountered difficulties in ensuring its staff’s training progress and keeping the training content updated. Another problem faced was the rising cost of training staff in all 11 markets that tend to have high turnover.

With the aim to carry out effective and engaging training for all Brotzeit’s staff, MONI developed the online training portal for the restaurant chain. Services included building the portal, content creations, creating games and interactive presentations for training materials, and more. With the e-learning portal, all staff can receive training anywhere, anytime, even at home or on transit. It also allows trainers to easy upload contents, create engaging ways to teach and tracking progress through quizzes. This ensured unified high standard of services provided along all Brotzeit restaurants.

Resulting from the construction of the e-learning platform, trainers no longer have to travel as frequently, it has saved 20 hours per trainer to allow them to focus on creating greater training materials. On top of cost savings, this strengthened Brotzeit’s brand among the region as the customer service quality peaks, as well as enabling them to scale quickly throughout Asia Pacific. .

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Brotzeit e-Learning Solution
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