Experience Design

Moni's experience design practice and framework supports our ideation process to drive innovation and create meaningful user experiences.

We help brands leverage customer journey to design extraordinary experiences that elevate user’s life experience. By combining customer insights and creative ideas, we deliver award-winning experience design services that strengthen brands’ competitive advantage and brand perception.

Our Services

Customer Journey Design

We provide customer journey design services to help our clients understand and improve the customer experience for its users across multiple platforms and environments. Our customer journey design services include customer journey mapping, process visualisation and powerful story telling design.

Customer Research & Analysis

Our customer research and analysis services aim to provide quantitative and qualitative customer insights that help identify customer trends and behaviours. Our customer research and analysis services include data analytics & modelling, market research and user workshop.

Customer Persona Design

Our customer persona design services leverage market research and data analytics practices to better understand the brand's audience, its need and behaviours to ultimately design unique experiences for each relevant group of customers. Our customer persona design services include social and demographic profiling and customer persona influence cards.

Competition & Market Research

Our competition & market research services provide visibility and understanding about brand and product positioning, as well as strategy that help design customer experiences as a sustainable competitive advantage. Our competition and market research services include market research, perceptual mapping, data analytic and qualitative analysis.

Wireframe & Workflow Design

Our wireframe and workflow design services bring together design and information architecture, user and data flows that are aligned with the customer persona, platforms and environments. Our wireframe and workflow design services rely on several frameworks and include page schematic layout, wireframe prototyping and interactive wireframing.

Usability Design

We provide usability design services that define and measure the user experience in term of effectiveness, efficiency and overall satisfaction for a specified context and audience. Our usability design services are delivered throughout projects and include user testing, functional testing, test case scenarios, user stories, benchmarking and performance indicator configuration.

Visual Design

Our visual design services shape and improve user experiences through the balance of colours, space, layout, typography, photography and graphic usability of digital products & applications. Our visual design services include art direction, graphic design and visual composition.

Interactive Design

We provide IxD services across digital products, systems and environment that enhance the user experience through touch and feel, whether online or offline. Our interactive design services include front-end design & development, application interface programming, styling, theming and interactive coding.

Responsive Design

Our responsive design services ensure that the user experience is delivered consistently across all screen sizes, orientations, platforms and environments. Our responsive design services include front-end development, application interface programming, styling, theming and coding.

Progressive Design

Our progressive web design services deliver seamless and augmented user experience by blurring the lines between web applications and native mobile applications. Our progressive design services include information architecture, front-end design and development, application interface programming, and interactive coding.

Animated Design

Our animated design services aim to enhance the user experience through content and graphic animation. Our animated design services include motion graphic, motion capture, visualisation and VFX.

Graphical Interface Design

Our graphical user interface (GUI) design services encompass industry best practices and design standards that bring visual and interactive design together to create an integrated user experience. Our graphical user interface design services includes templating, usability, icons, information architecture and navigation systems.

User interface design

Good design can change the way consumers interact with brands. We believe design is more than just how it looks and feels. Design is also how it works. Our user experience design methodologies and frameworks help you solve complex customer experience problems that give your brand a competitive edge. Our professional services span customer journey mapping, customer persona design, and prototyping. ...

User interface design

Moni designs digital products, platforms, and software that engage users' senses through touch, sound, and feel. Combining our international design talent and a team with consumer data-driven insights, we help brands and bring that vision to life. We provide award-winning user interface design services, including visual, interactive, responsive, animated, and graphical interface design services. ...

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