Digital Experience

Moni's digital experience services enable brands to leverage digital, cloud and interactive technologies and solutions to engage with their audience across all digital touch-points including web and mobile platforms. Our digital experience services support our client’s digital transformation by creating innovative digital customer experiences, improving operational processes and developing new business models and revenue streams.

Our Services

Digital Experience Strategy

Mobile Experience Strategy

Project Planning & Specifications

Enterprise Architecture & Design

UI & UX Design

Progressive Web App Development

Mobile App Development

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Content Management System

e-Learning Platform

Interactive Applications & Systems

System Integration, Micro-Services & APIs

Testing and QA

Training & Support

Technical Support & Maintenance

Our maintenance and support services provide peace of mind to our clients and aim to simplify the maintenance of the e-commerce platform independently of the hosting platforms. Our maintenance and support include general technical support, security updates, plug-in upgrades, performance enhancement and platform monitoring.

Managed Hosting

We simplify the management of web hosting and provide hosting architecture design and management services. We partner with market leaders in the industry such as Rackspace, Amazon, Azure and Google. We design flexible, scalable and secure web architecture that can scale with your business.

Web Experience

Moni's end-to-end digital and web experience is a comprehensive suite of solutions for creating great digital customer experiences across multiple digital and provide services. touch point. We design, build, and manage large and medium-sized websites and applications for B2B and B2C organizations, ranging from corporate to community websites, publishing, news, e-learning portals, and other web-enabled solutions. ...

Mobile Experience

Moni's mobile-first digital experience approach and philosophy helps brands achieve customer engagement success. It also serves as the foundation for providing an enhanced user experience. We solve complex business problems through innovative mobile solutions and leverage IoT technology to deliver connected experiences. We provide customized mobile app design and development services for Android and iOS devices. ...

Interactive Experience

Moni's interactive services offering allows brands to transform traditional web and mobile platforms by creating seamless interactive experiences across multiple digital touchpoints and screens. Expand your reach beyond "full-txt">. We leverage cutting-edge technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, motion sensors, and interactive touch screens and displays to deliver highly connected, personalized, and engaging experiences. ...

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